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Find out what we’re cooking up next! Stop by to get updates on new products and hot tips for taking your Massel meals to the next level.

Ward Off the Winter Chill

While any of our favorite soups here at Massel are ideal to get some of that much-needed warmth, sometimes a little extra kick is needed. Enter the Gluten-Free Lamb Curry Soup, an excellent take on a classic Indian dish that brings the heat in more ways than one. And, with the dish being both gluten-free […]

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Childhood in a bowl

With our Italian heritage, pastina is a big deal at Massel. We were brought up eating pastina. Now we send our kids to school with pastina in their thermoses. And we still whip up a bowl of creamy pastina goodness for ourselves when we need something soothing, starchy and comforting to make us feel like […]

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Curry up and get some!

Cauliflower is enjoying an ‘It Vegetable’ moment. Everyone wants a piece of cauliflower action, with cauliflower being marinated, grilled, sautéed, made into vegan carpaccio and used as a raw food rice substitute in every hot restaurant worth its spice collection. So to celebrate cauliflowers moment in vogue, we’re doing a two for one cauliflower soup […]

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A hearty winter warmer

Some days you just need a soup that wraps you up in hearty tastes and smooth comforting textures. You need a warming sustaining meal in a bowl, something you can slurp by the fire when it’s cold and bleak outside. Something to warm your tummy and soothe your spirits. This Kielbasa and White Bean Soup […]

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Real fast food

At Massel, lentils are our go to real fast food solution. Home from work late with half an hour to get some healthy food on the table? Lentils! Haven’t been to the grocery store for two weeks and nothing in the cupboard? Lentils! Need a side dish that tastes great and looks fancy, but in […]

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Clean fresh flavors for a New Year soup

Cucumber and Leek Soup is another gluten-free soup recipe from Massel that combines sophisticated flavors with super simple prep, and a quick cooking time. We’re all about the quick healthy soup recipes this January! The clean taste of the cucumber pairs wonderfully with the delicate sweet flavor of the leek.  Massel bouillon adds savory flavor, […]

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Sophisticated comfort food

After the taste bud sensation of yesterday’s hot and sour soup recipe, we thought that you might appreciate something a bit smoother. This twist on a classic soup recipe takes everyone’s favorite pumpkin soup and makes it sophisticated enough for a dinner party. The flavors might be fancy, but this apple squash soup recipe is […]

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A fresh zingy soup for jaded palates

January is traditionally the time for a pared-back approach to eating after the food juggernaut of the festive season, which starts in Thanksgiving and just keeps on rolling until the New Year. At Massel we’re not much into cutting back on food, we like eating far too much. So instead of a list of forbidden […]

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