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Cucumber & Leek Soup made with Massel gluten-free bouillon

Clean fresh flavors for a New Year soup

Cucumber and Leek Soup is another gluten-free soup recipe from Massel that combines sophisticated flavors with super simple prep, and a quick cooking time. We’re all about the quick healthy soup recipes this January!

The clean taste of the cucumber pairs wonderfully with the delicate sweet flavor of the leek.  Massel bouillon adds savory flavor, without overpowering the subtle vegetables.

We also love that this soup is thickened with avocado, which makes it creamy without using dairy. We love avocado at Massel, not just because it’s super tasty (avo on toast sprinkled with a little Massel All Purpose seasoning is sensational!) but also because avocado is one of those amazing super foods, high in heart-healthy fatty acids, lots of antioxidants, loaded with fiber and several studies have shown that eating avocados can reduce cholesterol levels and blood triglycerides that contribute to heart disease.

What are you waiting for people? Go cook this delicious soup!

Cucumber and Leek Soup Recipe


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