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Childhood in a bowl

Posted on January 8, 2015 under #31MasselSoups, 31 days of Soup, gluten free soup, gluten-free soup recipes, Massel soup recipe, pastina chicken broth

With our Italian heritage, pastina is a big deal at Massel. We were brought up eating pastina. Now we send our kids to school with pastina in their thermoses. And we still whip up a bowl of creamy pastina goodness for ourselves when we need something soothing, starchy and comforting to make us feel like we’re five again.

This is the simplest recipe imaginable, more a suggestion than a recipe, but oh the perfection of a bowl of pastina when you’re tired and in need of sustenance. Our basic version of the recipe is vegan, but if you would like to add some protein you can stir in an egg once the pasta is cooked. The egg will cook in the residual heat.

We also like to add butter and cheese at the end, but this is by no means essential. It’s just as tasty without. We just like butter and cheese! The essential ingredient is the Massel chicken style bouillon. Our cooks have cleverly blended herbs and vegetables to create the rich savory goodness of homemade chicken broth, but without a chicken in sight.

Pastina Chicken Broth Recipe

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