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A Taste of Sicily

Although bubbling hot soups are a staple of the winter season, sometimes a change of pace is what you need to hit the spot. A fresh breath of Italy takes the form of our Motarocca Sicilian Cold Soup, boasting an excellent combination of herbs and ripe vegetables that will especially leave vegetarian and vegan diners begging for more.

Traditionally a summer dish, the Motarocca Sicilian is exceptionally filling, using both red ripened tomatoes and green tomatoes processed down with garlic and basil. Vegetable style Ultracube bouillon cubes give the mixture even more depth. Though historically described as rustic for its simplicity and popularity with the peasant caste, its full taste is unequivocally rich.

Olive oil, parsley and a generous handful of homemade croutons (you can use gluten-free bread to make them too) provide the finishing touch, making this seasonal international dish a sure hit in your home!

Motarocca Sicilian Cold Soup Recipe


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