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Find out what we’re cooking up next! Stop by to get updates on new products and hot tips for taking your Massel meals to the next level.

Adding Quality Flavour to Make Mealtime Enjoyable

If your meal looks sensational but isn’t deliciously flavoursome, no amount of meal presentation is going to save the dish. […]

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Massel: The Flavour of Australia

Eating locally is a good way to support our community. When we buy from local farmer markets, local manufacturers and […]

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Providing Quality Flavour Solutions For The Healthcare Sector

Eating healthy shouldn’t mean that what we eat is tasteless. Far from it. But in a commercial kitchen where you’re […]

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Massel investing in our planet’s sustainable future

As we enter our 40th year of operations Massel still believes that consumers understand the value of our commitment to quality ingredients and the constant improvement of our products. Right from the start in 1982 Massel pioneered plant based, healthier retail stocks championing the concept of sustainability. This has underpinned Massel’s enduring presence over 4 […]

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Salt and Sodium: What is the Difference?

Salt is composed of two minerals; sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl). Salt or table salt (NaCl) is the combination of these two naturally occurring elements with the mineral sodium making up 40%, and chloride 60%, of salt. There is no difference between salts, it does not matter if it is pink or white in crystal […]

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Flavour Solutions for Restaurants, Industrial Kitchens and Eateries

Massel has perfected the perfect cooking ingredients to support Caterers and Foodservice. The perfect ingredient when it comes to adding flavour to meals.   Speciality Massel is unique to the market, providing a solution for enhancing flavour to meet the needs of any catering business or foodservice operation. All Massel’s products include these three unique […]

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Massel Provides Flavour Solutions for Foodservice in the Healthcare Sector – Hospitals, Aged Care and Community Meal Services

Catering for a large number of individuals is complex and challenging. Menu design needs to be carefully undertaken to integrate the health care needs of patients and residents. Menu integration is the process of designing a menu so that as many special diets and diets for food allergens and intolerances are covered from the same […]

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Children’s Health and Sodium Intake

It is well known that a high sodium intake may be associated with high blood pressure in the adult population. But what about a high sodium intake in children? A high sodium intake for children can also influence blood pressure and may, in later life, predispose an individual to osteoporosis, respiratory illnesses such as asthma, […]

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