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Ward Off the Winter Chill

Posted on January 9, 2015 under #31MasselSoups, 31 days of Soup, gluten free soup, gluten-free soup recipes, lamb curry soup, Massel soup recipe

While any of our favorite soups here at Massel are ideal to get some of that much-needed warmth, sometimes a little extra kick is needed. Enter the Gluten-Free Lamb Curry Soup, an excellent take on a classic Indian dish that brings the heat in more ways than one. And, with the dish being both gluten-free and low in carbs, your family’s dietary restrictions and New Year’s fitness regimens need not be a concern.

Curry powder and cayenne pepper are the building blocks for this recipe, working beautifully alongside yogurt, lime and other surprising ingredients to make the soup as mild or fiery as the heart—or stomach—desires. All of this is built upon a solid base of Massel beef style broth, effortlessly complementing the rich flavors of the lamb stew meat and fresh chives. Do yourself a favor and give yourself plenty of time to marinate the lamb in its spices; at least 4 hours is recommended, but the more time, the more savory it becomes.

The end result is so hearty and filling, one can make a full meal out of it. Just tear pieces from a fresh crusty baguette (or a gluten-free bread), or if you are able to prepare some naan, the remaining broth will be gone in a heartbeat.

Gluten-Free Lamb Curry Soup Recipe

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