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Real fast food

Posted on January 5, 2015 under lentil soup recipe

At Massel, lentils are our go to real fast food solution. Home from work late with half an hour to get some healthy food on the table? Lentils! Haven’t been to the grocery store for two weeks and nothing in the cupboard? Lentils! Need a side dish that tastes great and looks fancy, but in reality takes no time at all? Lentils! Two old carrots and a bunch of greens languishing in the fridge needing to be used up? Lentils! Is a theme emerging here? You betcha!

Lentils are a nutritional fiesta. They’re a great source of calcium, potassium, zinc and vitamin K, and rich in dietary fiber, protein and iron. Plus they’re cheap, easy to cook and taste amazing cooked with Massel bouillon.

If you haven’t got at least one quick and easy lentil soup in your recipe repertoire, we recommend you start with this one. It’s made from store cupboard basics and you can add any vegetables, spices or herbs that take your fancy. I make a curried version of this with lemon and cumin seeds, a Mediterranean version with tomatoes, rosemary and chorizo (or olives), a hearty stew version with potatoes and spinach….you get the picture.

Simple Lentil Soup Recipe

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