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Posted on June 27, 2023

Great flavour starts with Massel. When planning your menu, or meal prepping in a commercial kitchen, starting with Massel stock cubes and powders are a great solution to add delicious homestyle flavours to any meal without adding a lot of salt.

Massel Saves You Time

You already spend enough time standing over a hot stove. Why add on more hours, patiently watching bones and vegetables simmer down?

Making a quality stock is time consuming and challenging, especially in a busy commercial kitchen. Massel offers quality, convenient, ready-to-use stocks and sauces in commercial quantities, that are just as flavourful as delicious those homemade stocks like grandma used to make with the remnants of the Sunday roast.

What about sauces? Freshly made Bechamel or Jus can elevate a meal, but a discerning diner can usually tell when the sauce has come straight from the bottle. Massel Bechamel sauce is has all of the delicious flavours you’d expect, while staying true to the Massel values of being vegan and dairy free so it’s suitable for all dietary requirements.

Massel Can Expand Your Flavour Base

Massel stock powders and sauces offer great menu versatility. We know chefs are always on the lookout for culturally diverse flavours, or fusion options to offer a broader menu. Particularly with many Asian-fusion cuisines, achieving those authentic flavours can involve many ingredients, and a lot of time simmering and experimenting. Massel’s range of flavours assists chefs to create impressive dishes with a global influence.

For example, Massel has created a range of Asian-style soup base powders for the food service market: Pho, Laksa and Rasam. Using these as a base for your recipes provides you with a strong foundation for building up new Asian-styled dishes.

Flexibility For Flavour Experimentation

Using ready-to-use stocks increases the yield of your recipe, allowing you to easily scale up to meet demand. Better still, our stocks and soup base powders allow you to experiment with creating dishes without wasting time or product.

Understandably, it’s a point of pride for many chefs to make their own stocks sauces, and gravy from scratch. On the other hand, keeping a range of ready-to-use options on hand

is a great way to ensure you can scale up quickly and save time during busy periods. Equally, having Massel stocks on hand gives you substitution options to cater for people with different dietary requirements.

Why Choose Massel For Your Commercial Kitchen?

Purchasing Massel products has several advantages:

• Consistent taste profile you can rely on
• Cost effective products you can buy in bulk
• Made with quality ingredients for superior taste
• Massel products have high yield, allowing you to scale
• Supports Australian Made and Owned businesses
• Suitable for all dietary needs

Massel stock powders, sauces and soup bases are a versatile, convenient and economical way to add a delicious homestyle flavour to every restaurant-quality dish!


Dr Karen Abbey
Foodservice Dietitian
|Special Dietary Chef

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