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Massel: The Flavour of Australia

Posted on June 27, 2023

Eating locally is a good way to support our community. When we buy from local farmer markets, local manufacturers and local businesses, we’re making a choice to lower our carbon footprint, support jobs, and keep money in our local economy.

Back in the day, we all would have eaten locally produced food out of necessity. We’d go to our local Aussie farmers and growers because their produce was fresh and available. With the introduction of food processing and preservation technologies, food can last longer, and once seasonal foods have become available all year round. Our supermarkets are filled with readymade meals and quick meal solutions.

Food Convenience At The Cost of Flavour

Food innovations have improved the convenience of foods, but that convenience shouldn’t come at the cost of having good healthy flavour options. Food preservatives have their uses, but we shouldn’t be eating processed foods loaded with additives at every meal.

Again, back in the day, it wasn’t uncommon for our grandparents or great-grandparents to boil down the chicken carcass and vegetable peelings after a Sunday roast to create stock for the next week. While delicious, creating stock yourself takes hours watching the stove, and can leave a lingering smell in your house.

Aussie Made, Convenient Flavour

Massel is a terrific go-to for convenient, superior flavour, plus it’s also produced right here in Australia! Massel specialises in convenient, easy to use cubes, powders, and liquid stocks. Massel makes a delicious instant stock so you don’t need to spend hours boiling up bones and vegetables. Massel stock powders are a fantastic time saver in home kitchens, commercial kitchens and restaurants to elevate flavour, without extra additives or preservatives.

Supporting Fellow Local Aussies

Making food flavoursome is as easy as buying local. When you buy Massel stocks or gravy powder, you’re directly supporting a local, Australian, family-owned business. To support other local businesses, keep an eye out for the Australian Owned & Made logo on the packaging. But with Massel, your purchasing power goes one step further.

For over forty years, Massel has been in the business of creating delicious stocks and bouillon, not growing vegetables. Massel sources their fresh herbs and vegan-friendly, plant-based ingredients from other local Aussie farmers and growers. When you buy from Massel, your purchase has a wider impact by supporting other locally-owned Australian businesses.

Fresh Is Best

We hope food manufacturers use wholesome ingredients, with little-to-no preservatives or additives so we can have confidence when we make meals for ourselves and our families. Personally, I’m constantly looking for meals that are healthy and easy to put together without sacrificing flavour and nutritional needs.

The advantages of buying ingredients locally include:
• Nutritious and Delicious – Local food is generally fresher and more nutritious
• Great Tasting Food – Locally grown food is full of flavour, especially when in season
• Supporting Local Businesses – Buying local benefits businesses in the community as it keeps money local and creates local jobs
• Supporting Local Farmers– You can see where your food has been grown

Level The Local Playing Field

Unfortunately, you may have to search high and low to find products with the Australian Owned & Made on them. Some supermarkets choose to put local, Aussie businesses on the very top, or bottom shelves, while imported products are in the prime, eye-level position.

These shops shouldn’t be creating hurdles for Aussie shoppers to support local, Australian owned businesses. If you’re having trouble finding Massel at your local supermarket, or you don’t think locally-made products should be sitting on the low-down shelves beneath international competitors, let the store manager know. After all, it’s up to all of us to keep buying fresh, and supporting local, Aussie businesses.

Dr Karen Abbey
Foodservice Dietitian
Special Dietary Chef

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