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Massel investing in our planet’s sustainable future

Posted on October 25, 2021

As we enter our 40th year of operations Massel still believes that consumers understand the value of our commitment to quality ingredients and the constant improvement of our products. Right from the start in 1982 Massel pioneered plant based, healthier retail stocks championing the concept of sustainability. This has underpinned Massel’s enduring presence over 4 decades in collaboration with our retail and wholesale partners.

We are pleased to announce that Massel is the launch partner of a new, revolutionary and more sustainable type of packaging that will meet the consumer need for more environmentally conscious, renewable and responsible packaging.

The new more sustainable packaging material, developed by SIG, represents the world’s first aseptic carton packaging material with polymers used to laminate the raw paperboard 100% linked to forest-based materials.

This new packaging material utilises FSC TM – Certified board, 100% forest-based polymers (mass balance system) and ASI-certified aluminium foil.

The new packaging material is 100% recyclable.

Australian made & owned Massel is uniquely positioned to leverage the advantage of being the ‘local champion’ that consumers trust. 

This initiative is set to create new jobs and generate long term sustainable benefits for Australian recycling and the Australian economy. 

The Australian & NSW Governments have already committed to using the product generated by the recycling of aseptic carton packs for future government infrastructure projects thus ensuring the long term viability of this initiative. 

As founding signatories to the national packaging covenant, Massel’s longstanding commitment to sustainable packaging continues. Massel has always been active in developing positive benefits through innovation and the next phase in our commitment journey commences with the launch of Massel’s more sustainable SIGNATURE Full Barrier packaging material” in the beginning of 2022 – an Australian first! 

The Global Recycling Alliance for Beverage Cartons & the Environment (GRACE) in a joint initiative with saveBOARD is setting up a $5 million Australian facility that will turn aseptic carton packs into high performance building material with the lowest carbon footprint of any product of its kind – a real example of the circular economy in action. 

Covid-19 has prompted consumers to become more mindful of a range of environmental & social issues. A recent study by Neilsen showed that 81% of consumers think it’s extremely important that companies use environmentally conscious products and 68% will pay more for renewable packaging as plastic worry intensifies. 

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