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Adding Quality Flavour to Make Mealtime Enjoyable

Posted on June 27, 2023 under Dietitians

If your meal looks sensational but isn’t deliciously flavoursome, no amount of meal presentation is going to save the dish. At most, it will be good for an obligatory food pic to Instagram, but unless your meal is tasty, you won’t want to cook that recipe again.

How do we perceive flavour?

The 5 flavours we perceive are:

  • Sweet – like sugar
  • Acidic – like lemon juice
  • Bitter – like coffee
  • Salty – like table salt
  • Umami – like savoury mushroom

You may be surprised to learn that our tongue isn’t the only flavour-sensing organ in our body. Our perception of flavour is closely linked to the sense of smell. Try it for yourself! Grab a piece of fruit, pinch your nose closed and take a bite. Now try again with a clear nose. There’s a big taste difference.

Our sense of smell can perceive approximately 10,000 distinct aromas, so it’s very important to how we perceive flavour.

Tasty and Nutritious

There are plenty of ways to add flavour to your meal. Some of the most popular are adding MSG, salt and fat. Your meal is bound to be delicious, but nutritious? Not so much.

Massel was founded with family in mind. A genuine desire to empower people to cook the tastiest meals for their families, while keeping healthy eating in mind.

Every Massel product, from their gravy powder, stock cubes or liquid stock follows their commitment to safer, healthier eating. Massel products are:
• Trans fat-free
• Cholesterol free
• Dairy free
• Gluten and wheat-free
• Preservative free

Incredibly, Massel made the very first bouillon without added MSG. A great Australian company leading the world.

Premium Ingredients For Premium Flavour

Creating tasty, nutritious meal is a balancing act. Now we know what Massel leaves out, what ingredients do they put in?

To create quality flavours, you must have quality ingredients. With the exception of sea salt from the Great Southern Ocean, all of Massel’s ingredients are plant-based: Premium herbs, vegetables and extra virgin olive oil. It sounds simple, but Massel has pioneered all-vegetable, vegan friendly, meat-style instant bouillons. No other product comes close to those intense flavours.

The Importance Of Flavour

As we grow older, our sense of taste and smell declines. It’s always important to add flavour to meals. Whether you’re cooking for one, or for loved ones, a highly-flavourful meal creates a sense of enjoyment and atmosphere.

Using Massel stock powders, liquid stock and stock cubes can open many creative ways to improve flavours, enhance your enjoyment of a meal, and to elevate your home cooking from good to great. Best of all, Massel’s delicious products are a great way to add excellent flavour that is good for you!


Dr Karen Abbey
Foodservice Dietitian
Special Dietary Chef

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