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Easy Health Tips to Follow This Summer and Beyond

Posted on June 23, 2015 under dietary tips, fitness, healthy dinner

A blog post by Massel chef Elizabeth Schuler

I asked several of my friends for their tips on living an active and healthy lifestyle. Surprisingly, many of the people in this group had some of the same advice. We were impressed by the list we were able to compile, and we have challenged one another to incorporate these seven easy health tips into our everyday routine. Take a look at how you can accomplish your health goals with small changes to your diet and exercise plan!

  1. Pack a lunch for the office: You will save money and pack healthier options compared to the fast food choices close to work. Our favorites are Barbecued Tofu and Curry Chicken Salad.
  2. Keep an insulated metal water bottle: This will keep you hydrated throughout the day and help your body maintain an important balance. Water is essential to good circulation and staying hydrated is the easiest way to look and feel your best. You should never feel thirsty; casually drink from your bottle throughout the day and make this tip a habit!
  3. Marinate meats instead of using butter or cream: Add great flavor without adding calories. Try out our Chicken Marinade and Balsamic Vinegar Marinade recipes!
  4. Make exercise fun instead of a chore: Hiking, going to the park with the kids and swimming are some of the great suggestions that we came up with.
  5. Drink a cup of bouillon before a meal: This is a simple and easy task that will hydrate your body and fill you up faster during a meal. One 7’s cube of Massel per cup of hot water does the trick.
  6. Have hummus and raw veggies to snack on hand: Having a great snack with some protein (e.g., Massel’s Hummus) to tide you over between meals is crucial to satisfying cravings, especially late at night.
  7. Add a salad to one of your meals every day: We’re quite partial to the Kale and Carrot Salad, Raw Corn Salad and Smokey Tahini Dressing!

My friends and I are working to include at least three of these tips into our daily diet and exercise plans. How about you? Do any of these ring true for you? What do you do to keep healthy and active? Better yet, what do you do after you have fallen off track and need to get back on?

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