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4 Tricks to Keep Healthy Before the Treats

Posted on October 25, 2015 under dietary tips, halloween, healthy, healthy holiday eating

Halloween is quickly approaching. That means its time to pick out a costume, get your bowl of candy ready, and put the finishing touches on your Halloween decorations. With all this time spent focusing on sweets and late nights, it’s easy to forget about our wellness. In order to feel your best throughout Halloween weekend, check out our top tricks to keep you in gear throughout your treat filled holiday.


  1. Eat a nutritious meal before leaving the house. We can’t recommend this one enough. Whether you’re spending the evening with friends or taking the kids around the neighborhood to trick-or-treat, it’s essential to fill your body with wholesome foods. We highly recommend a hearty soup to keep you energized and warm. Check out our recipes page for some inspiration!
  2. Stay active. If you’re not already spending the evening walking door to door throughout the neighborhood with your young ones, try to take part in some form of physical activity earlier in the day. Whether it’s a light jog, walk, or bike ride, your body will thank you later. Also, working out helps us make more responsible food choices throughout the rest of day!
  3. Get a good night’s rest the night before. Whether you’ll be up late cleaning after trick-or-treaters or at a Halloween party, it’s important to make sure you’re well rested going into the night. Be sure to hit the hay a little earlier than usual a couple days leading up to Halloween.
  4. Balance your treats with healthy options. While it can be tempting to want to indulge solely in apple cider and Halloween-colored candies, be sure to break up the sweets with some healthy alternatives. Drink a lot of water and stock up on lean proteins, fruit and veggies.

Hopefully these tips and tricks are helpful to you as the holiday approaches. Now go have fun and enjoy the spooktacular weekend!


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