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Mug of Massel: A Healthier Eating Experience

Posted on August 12, 2015 under healthy dinner, healthy living, healthy soup, Massel Bouillon

A blog post by Massel chef Elizabeth Schuler

Reducing calorie intake is the proven way to live a healthier, well-balanced life. We all know this. It’s not rocket science, but man-oh-man, is it can be a tough task. Whenever I reduce my calorie intake, I find myself starving within the next couple hours. In the past, I always had that growl in my tummy, and I needed to find a solution to the unhealthy sneaky snackings.

My doctor suggested having a cup of bouillon before each meal. He continued to tell me that soup could reduce hunger and increase the feeling of fullness in a manner comparable to solid foods. Even more, it’s a healthy alternative to some of the other calorie-laden beverages. Studies have shown that people consume more calories on days that they drank sugary beverages and fewer calories on the days that they ate soup. Sign me up! This seemed like exactly what I needed to get out of my slump and change my eating experience.

It’s been two months since I started these more mindful eating habits. Drinking a hot mug of Massel bouillon before each meal has helped fill me quicker. I sometimes even sneak Massel 7’s in my purse, and ask for a cup of hot water at restaurants. However, that doesn’t mean each meal is rushed or short lived. I started to enjoy my food more because I knew that my stomach would always be full. I was able to savor each bite. I began experiencing more flavors in my meals, and I found myself naturally eating healthier.

Yes, I did lose weight (18 lbs!), but that was just a small part of the story. I actually feel better. I am improving my health, and I now relish in the savory tastes of all my meals. I am a mindful eater who used one simple tip to develop healthy eating habits. I love how I feel, and I encourage everyone to try this. Consider it a Massel challenge!

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