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How to make soup into a meal

Posted on February 9, 2015 under soup recipes

A blog post by Massel chef Elizabeth Schuler

Soup is my favorite thing to eat this time of year, but it’s not always enough of a complete meal.

In Eastern European kitchens, soup is served as a first course before every meal, just as Italians serve pasta. I really like soup as an appetizer, but often I want soup to be the star, simply accompanied with salad or a sandwich.

Here are some ideas on how to make a bowl of soup into a healthy meal. The side dish you choose will depend on the type of soup you’re making.

If your soup has a smooth texture, like Cream of Celery soup, a side with a crispy texture, like our Russian Salad, works perfectly.

If your soup hankering leads you to make up a quick batch of Black Bean Soup, you can’t go wrong with having a big loaf of oozy gooey Cheesy Bread to munch on and dip into the soup.

One of my all-time favorite quick meals is making up a batch of mashed cauliflower, placing a big dollop in the middle of a soup bowl, then pouring a ladle of steaming hot Beet and Ginger Soup over it. So good! That’s how you make  soup into a meal.

Do you have any favorite accompaniments for soup?

Soup made with Massel gluten-free bouillon

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