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Cheesy Bread

Recipes: Cheesy Bread (Serves: 5-7)

Oozy, gooey garlic cheese bread can be served anytime, anywhere. Having a group of kids over? Make cheesy bread. Having friends over to watch the game? Make cheesy bread. Need something yummy to start off that get-together? Make cheesy bread. I hope that you are getting the point. No matter what the occasion, make cheesy bread.

The Recipe



1. Cut your crusty bread in diagonals until cube shape appears. Slice almost all the way down, but do not slice through to the bottom.

2. Melt the stick of butter and mix in Massel powder, garlic, mustard and black pepper. Stir together.

3. Drizzle mixture down in between the cut slices of the bread.

4. Then follow with grated cheese in between the cut slices of the bread.

5. Wrap stuffed loaf of bread in foil.

6. Place in preheated oven 350F/180C for approximately 20 minutes.

7. Enjoy.

Handy Tip

You can prep the bread and wrap in foil and store in the fridge. Heat up right before your guests arrive. You will need to add approximately 10 more minutes to your cooking time to take the chill off.
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