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Easter Treats & What to Eat

Posted on April 13, 2017 under Chickpea and Zucchini Fries, fully loaded black bean burger, gluten free Easter, gluten-free, meg van der kruik, sauteed mushrooms, savory chickpea pancake, this mess is ours, vegan, vegan easter

Easter is that time of year where everywhere you look, there seems to be something related to chocolate staring back at you. And while we can’t deny it tastes great, eating too much of the sweet stuff can make you fill pretty sick after a while! We wanted to have a look at how we can make Easter a bit more balanced out for you and your family during the celebration over this weekend, gluten-free and vegan style.

Chocolate rabbits

Looks delicious right? We think so too! And while we are most certainly not going to tell you that you can’t eat chocolate rabbits and eggs over the Easter weekend (and you would probably ignore us anyway!) we think it’s a good idea for your family (and your waistline) to make sure that you don’t go overboard with chowing down on too many Hershey’s bars.


What’s on the Menu?

Savory chickpea pancakes

Drumroll please! First up on our Easter Delights menu for breakfast is this Savory Chickpea Pancake. A delicious, gluten-free and vegan alternative to the regular sugary kind, this succulent treat of a meal can be made as thin as a crepe or as thick as a pancake, and can be loaded up with vegetables, as many spices as you want, or they can be subtle in flavor. With Massel Vegetable Stock, be prepared for a breakfast with a bang of flavor!


A snack to get you through…

chickpea and zucchini fries

We love these Chickpea and Zucchini Fries as much as the next person, and the best part is that they’re guilt-free! Covered in black pepper, sea salt, Massel Bouillon & Seasoning Granules and chickpea flour, these little beauties are perfect to tide you over until lunch.


Lunch Time!


We bet you’ll be hungry by the time noon rolls around, and we’ve got you covered! This Warm Chicken Salad is sweet, savory and nutritious all in one bowl. Fill it up with lettuce, chicken breast, avocado, peeled almonds, honey, parsley, tomatoes and lemon juice. Easter lunch has never tasted so good!


Mini-Snack / Side Dish Interlude

Sauteed mushrooms

In case you’re still feeling hungry after that salad, we’ve got just the dish for you! These Sautéed Mushrooms are easy to prepare and ready in a moment! Topped with parsley, Massel All Purpose Bouillon & Seasoning, and drenched in garlic and oil, this is the perfect mini-dish to keep you going before dinner.


And Last But Not Least…


It’s time for dinner! This Fully Loaded Black Bean Burger from This Mess Is Ours is a great family meal that kids and adults alike will love. Packed full of veggies, this recipe is gluten-free, vegetarian, low in fat and sugar and is one dish that you have to try. With an ingredient list that includes everything from garlic, sweet potato, walnut, kale, black beans and more, this is an awesome veggie dish that you won’t believe tastes as good as it looks.


From all of us at Massel, we hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter weekend! Don’t forget to show us on Facebook how you’re celebrating, and the kinds of recipes that make the time special for you.

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