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An Homage to Liquid Stock

Posted on May 9, 2016 under concentrated liquid stock, dairy free, gluten-free, healthy cooking, Massel bouillon and seasoning, quick and easy recipes, vegan, vegetarian

Around these parts, we’re mad about Concentrated Liquid Stock. Our innovative product was the first of its kind to hit the market, allowing chefs of all skill levels to have pots upon pots of delicious and healthy stock in the blink of an eye! Each convenient pack can make up to two quarts, and can be diluted in hot or cold water. It’s that easy!

What’s more, our liquid stock is the poster child for affordability. This lets our most passionate customers experiment all they want with Massel and create simple and creative dishes to their heart’s content. And, it’s just as versatile as our other bouillon in chicken, beef and vegetable flavors.

Massel bouillon seasoning gluten-free meal

It’s super easy to just boil your pasta in the diluted liquid stock, or toss in some croutons for a quick snack on the go. But, Concentrated Liquid Stock really shines when it’s used as part of a full meal.

Here are some of our most simple and flavor-packed dishes to get started:

  1. Chicken and Mushrooms for Two: Impress your dinner date with this classic staple that pairs well with red wine!
  2. Crispy Black Bean and Beef Tacos: Every bite is a joyous occasion, and a bit of Sriracha can go a long way.
  3. Lemon Asparagus Risotto: The Blender Girl captures all the bright flavors of springtime with this herb-infused dish.
  4. Fully Loaded Black Bean Burger: Surprised? Our liquid stock is blended into the patty mix and is a sensational approach to a classic American comfort food. Thanks Beard + Bonnet!
  5. Vegan Lentil Soup: GF Mom Certified serves up an ideal medley of veggies that you can take anywhere, any time.

Soups and burgers, salads and sides… our Concentrated Liquid Stock can be used in just about everything. It’s the perfect kitchen companion and once your pantry is stocked, all the magic will certainly unfold.

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