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The Gluten-Free Lunchbox

Posted on July 23, 2015

The school year is just around the corner, and with sports practices and other extracurricular activities back in full swing, making a quick, easy and nutritious lunch could be the key to avoiding some of the chaos of a cluttered morning routine.

Whether you’re looking for something to get you through the end of the long summer day or your child needs a few snacks to tie them over until late into the evening, Massel has some delicious foods that make for perfect lunch box fillings.

Get a look at some of these gluten-free lunchbox ideas that will fill you up, while keeping the family running like a well-fed machine!


Appetizer: Caprese Cherry Tomato and Bocconcini Kabobs are the perfect start to a delicious and healthful lunch. These are super easy to make and can easily be prepared and refrigerated the night before a busy day.





Lunch: For those who like to add a little tupperware to their lunch box, Massel Motarocca Sicilian Cold Soup is light and filling. Its zesty and zingy flavor is sure to curb any appetite and makes for a great compliment to any salad or veggie platter.




Looking for a hearty meal to replace the overused sandwich options? Spinach Ricotta Spread is a wonderful gluten-free option that tastes excellent with fresh bell peppers, carrot sticks and celery.




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASnacks: Move over chips! Massel Popcorn is lightly seasoned, with a great, almost cheesy flavor. This is a healthy yet mouth-watering alternative to some of the other typical lunch box snacks.




IMG_20150529_094457-570x260Raw Sweet Kale Salad makes for another great side in your lunch. While some prefer that their salad soaks in dressing throughout the day, others like to pack it on the side and apply the dressing during their feast. This is an ideal pick-me-up after school for those who have other obligations and can’t stop home. Try some of Massel’s other dressings like the Kale Carrot Salad Honey Dressing and the Balsamic Dressing for variations of this healthy treat.


These are just a few suggestions to spice up your lunch routine, but remember that any Massel dish makes a wonderful leftover lunch. Cooking too much for dinner the night before may very well be the best way to save time and effort in the mornings of busy days. Try these recipes and be sure to look for more simply snackable Massel eats!

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