Gluten-free Bouillon & Seasoning

Try our new Concentrated Liquid Stock


Concentrated goodness and flavor in a handy pack, with so many delicious uses all year round:

  • Use it to make your soups and stews great!
  • Make marinades. Try our magic two minute marinades for beef and chicken!
  • Use it to give your stir fries that wow factor
  • Make  salad dressings and vinaigrettes
  • Baste meats
  • Add oomph to grilled or roasted vegetables – naturally.

Another great product innovation from Massel

Massel is all about innovation. We pioneered all vegetable, gluten-free and lactose-free instant bouillons. We made the very first bouillon without added MSG, and were one of the first food companies to adopt nutritional tables on our packaging. Our vegan meat style bouillons were revolutionary (and we reckon they are still unrivalled in flavor!).

Now we’ve created another great product first, Concentrated Liquid Stock, all the goodness and flavor of Massel in a convenient little pack.  Each pouch makes two quarts of fresh bouillon. Just dilute in hot or cold water, and enjoy!

Outstanding value for money

Massel’s Concentrated Liquid Stocks are great value for money, making gourmet bouillon affordable. Each little pouch of Concentrated Liquid Stock makes a massive two quarts of fresh bouillon, and costs around the same as just one quart of conventional liquid stock. That’s exceptional value!

The handy lightweight packs are easy to carry and store and they come in three tasty flavors, a versatile vegetable blend, and our famous vegan chicken and beef style blends, with all the savory richness of meat, but made using all vegetable ingredients!

Health and flavor

As you’d expect from Massel, our Concentrated Liquid Stock checks all the boxes for healthy eating, as well as tasting great. Concentrated Liquid Stock is:

Gluten-free Kosher certified
Vegan Low Carb
Lactose-free Cholesterol-free
Trans fat-free Preservative-free
No added MSG All natural ingredients
Suitable for people with Celiac disease

Delicious recipes to make with Concentrated Liquid Stock

Try these delicious new recipes made with Massel Concentrated Liquid Stock:

Handy tip

Want to make a delicious cup of stock?

Use one tablespoon of Concentrated Liquid Stock in a cup of water.

For more quick conversions for Massel bouillon and seasoning click here.


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