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Recipes: Dill Carrots (Serves: 4)

One of the best things about Massel is the flavor that it imparts into the food we are cooking. This simple carrot side dish is a great example. Carrots simply poached in Massel broth and then tossed in butter and/or olive oil with dill; make for a dish that is simply delicious!

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  1. Chop your carrots
  2. Make up your stock in a large saucepan or a sauté pan, bring to boil, add your carrots and then turn down to simmer gently for 5-10 minutes until the carrots are cooked to your taste. Most of the liquid should have been absorbed/evaporated. Check your pan doesn’t boil dry and add a splash of water if you need to.
  3. Toss your cooked carrots in butter or olive oil, add the chopped dill and pepper to taste.
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Dill Carrots
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