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Sustainable Eating

Posted on January 24, 2018 under sustainability, sustainable, sustainable eating

Embarking on a sustainable way of life can be an amazing way to decrease your carbon footprint and respect the earth and environment. The health of our planet is on a lot of peoples’ minds and it is a great idea to participate in sustainable eating or support sustainable agriculture. But what exactly does it mean to eat sustainably?

Sustainable eating is more than just decreasing the amount of non-compostable trash you accumulate. It is also about choosing foods that are healthful for both our bodies and our environment. There are plenty of ways to start eating sustainably and it is much easier than you might think, with more benefits than sacrifices.

Investing in a reusable water bottle is a great way to live sustainably.

Get a reusable water bottle

Not only will you save an immense amount of money but you will also be helping the environment twofold by not using harmful plastic and by not buying into the fossil fuels needed to ship heavy liquids. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be refilling a reusable water bottle with self-filtered tap water.

Shopping locally can help you live a sustainable lifestyle.

Eat locally–and in season

If possible, try to eat products grown in your local area or region. The closer the products are to where you grocery shop, the less it has had to travel and in turn, the fewer fossil fuels were used to get them there. The same goes for focusing on eating foods that are in season where you live. The less it has to travel, the better. Try exclusively shopping at local farmer’s markets to get fresh and in season ingredients.

Planting a garden makes obtaining fresh produce and ingredients easier than ever.

Start a garden

And even better than traveling to your grocer for food, why not grow it yourself? You’ll save yourself time and money while getting the extra perk of having fresh produce right in your backyard. You’ll no longer have to worry about quality, pesticides or freshness when you pick it yourself.

Fair Trade ensures that farmers were paid and treated fairly.

Buy Fair-Trade

Maybe you don’t have access to a farmer’s market or your living situation does not allow you to grow your own produce. In those cases, look for the words “Fair-Trade” when buying products from a foreign country. TransFair USA ensures that farmers are paid fairly and treated justly for their products.

Cooking is a great skill to have.

Cook your own meals

This is probably the most important factor in eating sustainably. It also happens to be the best part. Turning your fresh and feel-good ingredients into something your body and the environment will thank you for is both rewarding and delicious. Cooking meals does not have to be hard, either. In usually under 30 minutes you can have a meal that, well, was worth that 30 minutes. Don’t believe us? Try any of these recipes and prepare to love sustainable eating.

Cheesy Portabellas

With just six ingredients, it has never been easier to sustainable obtain and and cook a wonderful meal.

Homestyle Wedges

Have a hankering for that tasty sleeve of fries you get in the drive-thru? Try making your own at home. Your wallet, your body, and the Earth will thank you!

Creamy Cheese Sauce

Imagine all of the possibilities you can make using this cheese sauce. In less than 10 minutes, you can have a sauce you’ll feel good about smothering your broccoli or macaroni in.




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