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Simple Lentil Soup

Looking for a simple, easy and delicious idea for dinner tonight! With rain due in Sydney for the coming days, we have you covered for dinner ideas!

Grab some lentils, some Massel Ultracubes and a bit of S&P and away you go!


Massel 7’s

Our handy pocket-sized seven pack of gluten-free stock cubes are perfect as a quick healthy snack for people on the go. The most popular cubes on the Australian market, Massel 7’s come in a delicious vegetable, chicken “style” bouillon and a beef “style” bouillon. Makes a healthy and nutritious low carb 3pm snack!

Head over to Amazon now and start shopping!


Our Organic Liquid Stock

Nothing brings a meal together like Massel Liquid Stock!

Help us celebrate our full range of Liquid Stocks becoming available on Amazon by grabbing one now!!

Our Asian Range

Be the first to grab a pack of our Asian Range of amazing Instant Cubes from Amazon.

Whether or not you are after a Vietnamese Pho, a wonderful South Asian Laksa or a delicious Indian Rasam, we have all bases covered!

Simplest Pumpkin Soup

Looking for lockdown inspo!

Pumpkin Soup! Very VERY good Pumpkin Soup! SIMPLE!

Chicken Laksa

If you are thinking about anything other than Laksa for dinner tonight, think again!!

Fill up your belly with this amazing, Asian inspired Chicken Laksa!

Massel Veggie Pho

Need something for dinner tonight? Need something to warm the cockles?

This lovely, warming veggie Pho from our chef’s here at Massel will hit the spot I promise you!

Delicious Pumpkin Soup

With snow down on the fields in Southern NSW this afternoon, nothing speaks to me of warm and comfy like a nice easy to make pumpkin soup!

Chicken and Parmesan Soup

Our first Soup Week recipe comes directly from the Massel Vault of trusted recipes! This gorgeous chicken and parmesan soup is exactly what you need during the cold weather we are to expect in Sydney for the next few days.

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