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Waking Up Tired Lunches

Posted on April 29, 2015 under work lunches

We all know the stats detailing how people that bring their lunch to work usually eat healthier, save money and are helping out the environment in the long run. What makes you not bring your lunch? Do you bring your lunch and then push it to the back of the fridge, ordering pizza with your co-workers instead?

Here are 5 simple habits that help you pack a lunch you will actually want to eat.

  1. Pack something that you will actually want to eat!

This seem obvious, but how many times has that salad you packed almost made you cringe when you sat down to eat it at lunchtime? Wilted leaves and cold tupperware eats are more often unappetizing than not. Pack something that you will look forward to savoring—how about wrapping that healthy salad in pita bread for a new twist? Our Chicken Curry Salad recipe is fast, healthy and filling.


  1. Plan for success.

Take time to do a little planning the night before. You will much more apt to figure out a great lunch when it is not left until the last minute. Many health conscious eaters like to chart out an entire week’s worth of meals on Sunday night, for an even easier “grab-n-go” during the week.

  1. Keep it simple.

While I want a good lunch, I also prefer something that requires as little effort as possible at mealtime. It’s easy for me to get wrapped up in work, so I prefer simple, non-messy lunch options I can unpack and eat at my desk. Throwing your favorite chopped meats and vegetables on a bed of lettuce, rice or couscous is an awesome way to go in this regard! If a bowl of warm goodness is more your style, then I definitely recommend the Motarocca Sicilian Cold Soup.

Motarocca Sicilian Cold Soup

  1. Move beyond salads and sandwiches.

Salads and sandwiches make for a great lunch, but if you have them often, they are not particularly exciting. Expand your horizons and work in some new options for both plated meals and sumptuous bites on-the-go. Our Zucchini Egg Strata is easy to bake in the oven while getting ready in the morning. Lentils with Roasted Vegetables is a simple and delicious concoction, while Barbeque Tofu will give you that much needed midday kick.

  1. Take advantage of leftovers and give them a makeover, if so desired.

Taking the leftovers for lunch doesn’t have to mean eating the same exact meal again. With a little thought and some creativity, it’s easy to work last night’s into an entirely new meal. Leftover chicken or fish is a great addition to a seasonal salad. Any grain and some roasted vegetables can be wrapped up into a burrito. Remember, leftover soup is always awesome for a quick meal!

Salmon Filet

I can’t wait to hear what you all are packing for lunch!

(Note: I also always keep a pack of 7’s in my desk drawer. You never know when you will have a hankering for a cup of bouillon to sip on while you are tolling away at your desk.)

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