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A Mom’s Guide to Healthy Snacking

Posted on January 1, 2017 under concentrated liquid stock, dairy free, gluten-free, healthy snacking, Massel bouillon and seasoning, quick and easy recipes

It’s always the perfect time to snack! Whether if you’re a parent packing for a loved one, or getting ready for a tailgate party, there’s a surprising amount of thought that goes into snack packing – and there should be!

Healthy bites throughout the day can help promote wakefulness, weight loss, memory, energy levels, and a whole lot more. But, this only happens if you are thinking about your diet and how you approach it. This is where Massel comes into play. Since it’s gluten-free, vegan and GMO-free with no added MSG and lower salt, it can be the perfect additive to your favorite snack.

The All Purpose Seasoning Granules come in Chicken, Beef and Vegetable varieties, and can go on in a light dusting, but we suggest using as much as you want!


Crispy “Chicken” Chickpeas from Beard + Bonnet

It’s filling, it’s fresh, it’s fabulous. All of the olive oil helps your Massel seasoning really stick on there. This dish by Meg van der Kruik helps lower cholesterol and kids love popping the chickpeas!


Crispy Kale Chips

This is the perfect crunch to enjoy any time of day, especially at the office. Not only is it healthy, but it’s also seriously simple to make and really lets the Massel shine. No more bags of potato chips from the convenience store!

Massel Bouillon Seasoning Gluten-Free

… but I mean, homemade chips and fries are still yummy! Use the Seasoning Granules in the place of salt for a refresher with reduced sodium – great as a rub pre-bake, as well as a little topping right when you’re ready to serve. It’s not easy to get everyone behind kale, so this is an option nearly everyone can rally behind.

The rest of the exploration is up to you! Kids tend to go bonkers for Massel on roasted nuts (especially now that baseball season is here), and you should also consider using it for veggie platters and light popcorn.

What’s your approach to healthy snacking on the fly? Let us know on social!

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