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Curbing a Gamer’s Appetite

Posted on August 24, 2015 under healthy, massel recipes, vegan, vegan side

A blog post by Massel chef Elizabeth Schuler

My son, Gabe, and his friend, Joe, made some serious gaming plans earlier this morning, and of course, I was responsible for feeding the two boys during their hangout. As one may have guessed, a great deal of planning is needed to create the perfect afternoon for two growing boys.

In the boys’ perfect world, they would expect some sort of bottomless snack while gaming. Sugary drinks would keep them hyped for every round and level of the game! Then, an intense game of 1-on-1 basketball before returning to the TV and their bowls of snacks. In this fantasyland, they would eat savory and salty snacks galore before finishing with a water fight in the backyard. Ending the day with dessert creates a mother’s nightmare and a young boy’s utopia.

Now all of this, with a lot of work and preparation, is somewhat doable. However, this morning I received a call from Joe’s parents asking if it was okay that her son comes over and if we minded that he was a vegan.

I realized that she had a lot of the same concerns that I have when my son goes to over to anyone else’s house. (My son has terrible allergies, and I am always worried that his friend’s parents won’t want to deal with the precautions necessary to feed him.) Nevertheless, this cautionary eating has taught me the best foods for restrictive diets, and Massel has helped me every step of the way.

“Of, course,” I exclaimed to Joe’s mom, “He is more than welcome to come over, and I have plenty of options for vegan snacks while the boys are here. I am always cooking with Massel, and could even give some suggestions in case Gabe ever comes over.”

She was incredibly grateful, and I was excited to put my Massel cooking skills to the test. I didn’t have much time, but thanks to the Massel website, I had great ideas for quick, tasty treats that the boys would love.

I made Massel Popcorn, and Curried Cauliflower Fritters which the boys could not get enough of and nearly reached the end of my “bottomless” supply. When it was time for dinner, I prepared Zucchini & Potato Pancakes, a unique cuisine that both were eager to try. To my delight, they devoured each cake right as it came off the griddle. Finally, I offered to take them out in search of a dessert they would both enjoy, but they were actually too full. A miracle!


It was a successful day, and I felt like I had accomplished the ultimate feat. Thankfully, I was off the hook for the next hangout, but it was great to know that Massel had plenty of options that would help in the future. I hope Joe’s parents are as prepared as I was to cook, because today I learned just how hungry kids can be.

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