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Quick gluten-free Potluck Recipes

Posted on October 1, 2014 under gluten-free potluck recipes

A blog post by Massel Chef Elizabeth Schuler

It is amazing how a day can take a direction that you do not expect. After I heard a big snap, I ran outside to see the excitement. One neighbor’s cable got cut by another neighbor’s chain saw during an enthusiastic back yard tree removal. Oops!

Much to everyone’s credit, no one seemed too angry, just grateful that no one got hurt. You could see the disappointment on everyone’s face, though, that they were not going to be able to watch the football game. I knew right then I had to invite both families over to watch the game at my house. I was fairly sure I had those sports channels on my TV, not that I ever watch them, mind you.

Now, what was I going to make at the last minute? One family is vegetarian and a member of the other family has celiac disease. The Curried Cauliflower Fritters turned out to be the perfect choice. I used the batter on cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, onion rings and button mushrooms. The neighbors brought pizza, a big salad and beverages.

I put down the first platter of fritters on the table, it was gone in moments. The kids were inhaling them. I just didn’t use the word “curried” around them. My son hates curry, but easily ate a dozen of these fritters. It is best to keep them clueless sometimes. I made two more batches after that first one. Now that was what I call a success. Peace was restored.

Cable has been restored in all the homes now, but we have started the Sunday Football Meetups, rotating houses every week, because of a crazy chainsaw accident and some tasty food served up. Not sure what I am going to make next week, but I am pretty sure Massel will be a part of it.

Get the gluten-free Curried Cauliflower Fritter Recipe here

Gluten-free curried cauliflower fritters
Gluten-free curried cauliflower fritters made with Massel gluten-free bouillon.

Other great gluten-free nibbles for sharing while watching the big game

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Crispy Black Bean & Beef Tacos

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Gluten-free crispy black bean and beef tacos recipe. Made with Massel gluten-free bouillon.
Gluten-free crispy black bean and beef tacos recipe. Made with Massel gluten-free bouillon.
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