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Quick dinner ideas

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November 28, 2016

Top Trends in Entertaining this Holiday Season

Sometimes when we prepare holiday meals, the amount of time spent making it taste good eats into any time we have available for making it look good. This doesn’t mean that you need to create glazed, edible flowers and hardened parmesan cheese bowls for your Thanksgiving dinner, but presentation can make dishes appear more appetizing […]

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May 18, 2016

Plan and Prepare: The P’s of Success

A strong focus on meal preparation is an essential when it comes to saving time, money, calories and stress. Whether you’re crammed with taking care of the kids, working, studying or fulfilling other life commitments, vigilant food planning and prep can make dining a much simpler experience. Keep on reading for some expert tips on […]

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March 22, 2016

Spring Clean Your Diet

It’s time to store away our heavy down coats and throw on our light rain jackets. Spring is finally here! Is it just us or is everything better in the spring? The sun is out longer, pastel colors are aplenty, and birds are our early-morning alarm clocks. With spring comes new fresh produce and light recipes. If […]

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March 06, 2015

Unwinding with Easy Polenta

A blog post by Massel chef Elizabeth Schuler Three different activities at my son’s school, a committee meeting that I was roped into by a friend, and my car needed an emergency tire repair. These kind of hectic weeks seem to happen way too often these days. It was time to put on the brakes, […]

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