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Meet Jeannene Davis

Posted on September 5, 2016 under Dietitians

At Ambassador Nutrition Services, LLC, just outside of Houston, Texas, Jeannene Davis, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, offers medical nutrition therapy and diabetes education. This education often takes the form of practical cooking classes and she uses Massel bouillon and seasoning in her work. She wrote us a wonderful letter about how much she values Massel’s range of gluten-free products, saying she uses Massel, at least a few times every day. A growing number of dietitians recommend Massel and Jeannene is one of our community of nutritionists who use and recommend Massel.

Dietitians recommend Massel

Some simply want to eat healthier, others have specific health conditions

Jeannene wrote: “We pride ourselves on helping every type of person, babies to adults and the mature as well. We work with individuals, restaurants, group homes, physician offices, caregivers, chefs, attorneys, judges, and everyone in between.

“Each day brings new challenges. People of all ages and levels of need call us for guidance. We either visit their home, or talk with them online, just as if we were sitting at their kitchen table or bedside. Some people simply want to eat healthier while others face specific health conditions that warrant special care.

They feel like eating is over for them, then we begin cooking with Massel

“Many of my patients come to me feeling that their days of eating delicious food are done. Cardiac rehabilitation patients are frequently told what they cannot eat, but no one has told them what food they can enjoy. My patients suffering from Celiac disease often tell me that upon initial diagnosis, it sounds like eating is over for them. Then we begin our cooking classes with Massel bouillon cubes and they simply come alive. They’re amazed that there is flavorful gluten-free food!

“As a certified Bariatric counselor, I work with many people who never learned to cook basic, great-tasting meals in appropriately-portioned sizes. Massel’s pre-portioned cubes and recipes help with this. As I am doing classes with my weight management patients, they actually learn about flavor and portions by taste-testing their mixtures. This has proven very effective.

No one misses out on flavor

“For my patients, one of the greatest thing about Massel, is that regardless of who their caregivers, providers and family members are, they too love the Massel products. No one misses out. Whether someone is vegan, gluten-free or simply a connoisseur of great foods, Massel products fill the void. I frequently work with new moms on preparing healthy foods for their families and they are amazed how easy it is to cook meals that have flavor with the drop of a cube or a splash of broth.

“I’d like to finish by thanking you for keeping your products affordable. My clients often remark on Massel’s affordability. Thank you for making the dreams and passions of my team and me richer and easier to achieve. You’ve helped to improve overall health and wellness in my community. We love you guys!”

We’re so delighted that Jeannene and her patients find Massel products so useful and inspirational and we’d like to thank Jeannene for taking the time to write us such a beautiful letter.

Tell your story

Would you like to star in our new series of dietitians’ stories? Each month, we’ll be profiling registered dietitians, nutritionists and hospital dietitians. Tell your story to our customers, many of whom live a gluten-free lifestyle. To tell your story email Tim Osborn at our creative agency TimeZoneOne

Jeannene masthead

Contact Jeannene Davis

Jeannene Davis, RD,LDN,CDE,CBC

Ambassador Nutrition Service, LLC

Offices: 31021 Walnut Ridge Drive

Waller, Texas 77484-5986


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