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French Onion soup recipe using Massel Bouillon

A Timeless French Tradition

From childhood to adulthood, French Onion Soup has always been there to lift our spirits as a true comfort food. Bringing friends and family together, its origins date back to the Roman times, though it began growing in popularity in 18th century France, where onions and beef broth were easy to come by. The simplicity of the dish is maintained today and it is perhaps even more delicious than before with Massel beef style Ultracube bouillon cubes.

The gluten-free and vegetarian eaters will be singing for joy in your household, with Worchestershire sauce and cognac (sherry works too!) upping the ante as you simmer the soup to perfection. And of course, French Onion Soup isn’t French Onion Soup without dumping plenty of croutons and cheese on top—briefly slip your bowl under a broiler to melt it all together!

Gruyère cheese is a great homage to France, but you can use practically any mild cheese to get the job done. If you’re staying on the gluten-free path, baked gluten-free bread also makes for delicious croutons. Bon appétit!

French Onion Soup Recipe


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