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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Posted on January 19, 2015 under #31MasselSoups, 31 days of Soup, coconut milk soup, gluten free soup, gluten-free soup recipes, Massel soup recipe

As fabulous as January may be, it is primetime for cold and flu season. Whether you are taking care of yourself or loved ones, finding comfort in a bowl of soup is all too necessary on the road to recovery. The Coconut Milk Soup with Salmon and Greens is packed with nutrients and creamy flavor that will breathe into you new life, whether you’re healthy or under the weather.

The sweetness of the coconut milk is balanced out with your choice of greens (spinach is definitely scrumptious) and omega-3 loaded fish. Massel vegetable style Ultracube bouillon cubes elegantly bring out the cilantro. Finally, jalapeño and other chili peppers can be chopped into the bowl to help clear out those sinuses with a little zing.

Gluten- and dairy-free as well, anyone can dig in and find solace in the chilly winter months.

Coconut Milk Soup with Salmon and Greens Recipe

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