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An Eggs-elent Soup to Savor

Posted on January 24, 2015 under #31MasselSoups, 31 days of Soup, gluten free soup, gluten-free soup recipes, Massel soup recipe, Stracciatella Soup

Grab your notebook and a pen, because it’s time for an Italian lesson! Our Stracciatella soup is a unique creation and one of our favorite uses of the Massel chicken style Ultracube bouillon cubes. It is derived from the stracciatella alla romana of central Italy, an egg drop soup that is a little thicker than its Asian counterpart. Much like our other featured soups, it can be made under a half-hour and still has a great spectrum of flavor!

The trick for the Stracciatella is to gently beat the eggs into a mixture of parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs to create a nice paste that still allows you to enjoy some strips of yummy egg in each bite. Following that, a gentle whisking with a fork while combining the egg with your Massel broth makes sure it holds that ideal consistency throughout before adding the garnish of your choice. We particularly like chopped parsley and thyme leaves.

If you’re in need of bringing some more international cuisine into your kitchen, then look no further. This is an easy way to broaden your repertoire and introduce some new flavors to your table.

Stracciatella Recipe

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