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A Different Kind of Liquid Cleanse

“Healthy” is an understatement when it comes to our Gluten-Free Cream of Celery Soup. Low in carbohydrates and sugar, as well as vegetarian/vegan (use soymilk) and kosher, this selection complements your New Year’s resolution to exercise and eat better! Whether at home, on the road or in the office, it works as both a light meal and a snack to give you that healthy boost you need to get through the winter months.

Massel chicken style broth serves as the base as the onion, celery, baked potato and garlic tenderize over the stovetop. Adding paprika and/or red pepper can give it some spark, but the garlic and parsley are usually enough. Finally, an immersion blender (or Vitamix, but be sure to cook the potato first) brings everything together for a sippable soup that will leave others green with envy.

Gluten-Free Cream of Celery Soup Recipe


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