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Give your kids wonderful food memories

Posted on October 8, 2014 under massel

A blog post from Massel Chef Elizabeth Schuler

When my mom made scalloped potatoes and ham during my childhood it was an event because it was simply everyone’s favorite. I knew I would have to eat fast if I wanted to have a second helping of the creamy potatoes with slices of country ham cooked right in. I am one of seven children and my brothers were big with big appetites. There were threats with fork in the hand if you even dared take the last spoon full. Now mind you, my mom would make two huge casserole dishes of this tasty stuff and there were never leftovers.

Now, as a mom, you want to give your kids some of the wonderful food memories that you had in your childhood, so I had to set out to make it just as good, but accommodated my son’s dairy allergy. Massel came to the rescue, again. This version is just as addictive. You can mix it up with sliced sweet potatoes, mushrooms, ham or bacon. Make it as a side dish or main meal.

My son loves this dish and has several helpings, while I beguiled him with stories about his crazy uncles. This is why we cook.

Get the gluten-free recipe for Scalloped potatoes.

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