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30 Second Salad! Gluten-free snack ideas from Massel

Posted on July 28, 2015

A blog post by Massel chef Elizabeth Schuler

I have had many moments where I felt I might fall off track with my healthy eating habits. I call these moments my ‘danger times’. I’m sure almost anyone can relate to this feeling. For me this happens when I need food, and the urge for quick, unhealthy options becomes extremely tempting. You know, times when I can’t help but grab the biggest bag of chips and indulge? Well, after several of these impulses, I started to recognize that this feeling is what usually causes me to blow my nutritious routine.

I needed to find a way to combat these unhealthy decisions, so I came up with a life saving 30-second salad solution. I scooped some canned chickpeas into a bowl, added some zucchini and feta cheese, and poured a little Massel Concentrated Vegetable Liquid Stock with olive oil over the top of it. When I finished shaking the salad, I sprinkled freshly ground pepper in the bowl for a little extra bite. Yep! Awesome flavor! A wholesome, protein rich, delicious snack, and a quick healthy answer to my cravings. Why had I not thought of it sooner?

Massel Concentrated Liquid Stock makes a perfect fast salad dressing, or you can sprinkle on some All Purpose Bouillon and Seasoning to spice up any salad creation. Whether you are looking for a first course for a dinner party or just trying to curb your appetite with a gluten-free snack between meals, Massel is packed with flavor and has quality you can taste.

I found my healthy snacking solution, now it’s your turn to share your gluten-free snack ideas.

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