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The tale of two chicken soups

Posted on November 9, 2014

A blog post by Massel Chef, Elizabeth Schuler

I keep checking my phone app to see if his plane is still on time. When I am not checking, my son, Gabriel, is checking. We haven’t seen Andrew in almost a year. Any visit from my oldest son is always special because he lives on the other side of the country and it just doesn’t happen that often, but this visit seems more special and quite different. He is bringing his fiancé on this trip. We are meeting Danielle for the first time, than we are all off to a big family wedding. I am excited and nervous; I can’t imagine how Danielle feels.

The plane arrived late evening and our house guests were hungry. Something light and soothing is in order for dinner, since the rest of the weekend will be one big event after another. Creamy Lemon Chicken Soup is one of Andrew’s favorites. I had some on the stove simmering when they arrived. This was the perfect soup to share as I began to get to know the woman that has captured my son’s heart. When my bowl of soup was gone, so were any reservations I might have had.

We just went about having fun for the rest of the weekend, celebrating my niece’s wedding, while planning the next. As the weekend comes to a close, it is always hardest on my 10 year old, though. He misses his brother so much and absolutely hates saying good-bye.

Soup therapy to the rescue; this time it’s the soup that I made them when they were babies, their first soup, Pastina Chicken Broth. Tiny pasta cooked in Massel chicken-style broth. An unusually quiet Gabe eats his soup in silence and after finishing a second bowl, starts chatting about his new sister and he is smiling again.

Creamy Lemon Chicken Soup, made with Massel Bouillon. Get the recipe here >

Pastina Chicken Broth, made with Massel Bouillon. Get the recipe here >


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