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Shawna Coronado reviews Massel Vegan Bouillon

Posted on November 18, 2014

Illinois based blogger and green lifestyle evangelist Shawna Coronado has reviewed Massel Bouillon on her wonderful blog devoted to sharing great sustainable ideas.

She uses Massel’s vegan bouillon in a sensational recipe for Baked Garlic Tomatoes with Crispy Kale.

A Shawna Coronado recipe using Massel Vegan Bouillon.

Shawna says: “My friends at Massel asked me to use their products to make some delicious recipes and sent out several samples of their all vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, and cholesterol-free broth products. In taste testing the chicken style and beef style broth, I could not tell the difference between broth made from meats and Massel’s vegan broths. The broth is easy-to-make in a vegan recipe and totally yummy!”

If you haven’t already discovered Shawna’s beautiful blog, we recommend it. She has delicious recipes, gardening ideas, sustainable product reviews, and fun decorating ideas for home and garden. We especially love the pictures of her cooking in her beautiful garden.

Get Shawna’s vegan recipe for Baked Garlic Tomatoes with Crispy Kale.

All the images in this article are from Shawna Coronado’s blog

Ingredients for a vegan recipe by Shawna Coronado made with Massel vegan bouillon

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