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Who’s cooking with Massel?

Posted on May 21, 2014 under gluten free cooking

Over the last six months we’ve been working with some talented bloggers, who’ve been cooking up a storm with Massel bouillon and seasoning, and writing all about it.

Health Starts in the Kitchen

Hayley Ryzeck cooks with Massel gluten-free bouillon.

Hayley Ryzeck is a health food blogger. She is passionate about real food for optimum health and enjoys creating healthy recipes that she shares on her blog Health Starts in the Kitchen

Hayley has been making Zucchini Hamburger, quick and easy Pea Soup, Sauteed Mushrooms and Bloody Marys with a special secret ingredient (can you guess?!) and has been giving her Brussels Sprouts some extra oomph, all with Massel.

Hayley writes: “The secret to making a dish so full of flavor so quickly, is using MASSEL’s Beef Bouillon Granules!! They are my go to shortcut secret, they incorporate all the flavors of all-day-long-simmering in an instant.”

Hayley continues: “I’ve been a HUGE fan of Massel’s Bouillon for quite some time and LOVE the flavors they impart into even the simplest of meals – check out my Quick & Easy Pea Soup, Sauteed Mushrooms, Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Bloody Mary Recipes on my blog – they all use Massel’s Bouillon as their secret ingredient!”

The Blender Girl

Tess Masters cooks cauliflower soup with Massel Bouillon

The Blender Girl, Tess Masters is a big fan of Massel’s bouillons and seasonings. She grew up using Massel, and she recommends Massel bouillon in all of her delicious soup recipes. She also uses Massel to boost the flavor of savory dishes and sauces. Check out her delicious cauliflower soup recipe. Tess says: “I am incredibly choosey when it comes to the food I eat and the ingredients I use, and Massel is a name I trust to use in the recipes I introduce.”

Tess is a long-time fan of Massel’s bouillons and seasonings. Her enthusiasm for Massel bouillons is based on health as well as flavor. Tess was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus in her teens, and a naturopath recommended that she remove gluten, dairy and meat from her diet. Tess committed to the change, and noticed a difference in how she felt almost overnight. So she loves that Massel bouillons and seasonings are gluten-free as well as vegan and all natural.

Tess is  currently doing demos and cookbook signings in book stores, Williams-Sonoma, Le Creuset Signature and Wholefoods stores in 10 locations across the US. The Blender Girl US Book Tour is proudly supported by Massel Bouillon & Seasoning.

This Mama Cooks

Anne-Marie Nicholls has been cooking up Mushroom Risotto, Juniper Venison Stew in her slow cooker, and gluten-free Asian ginger Meatballs with Massel.

Healthy food and lifestyle blogger Anne-Marie Nicholls over at This Mama Cooks has been cooking up Mushroom Risotto, Juniper Venison Stew in her slow cooker, and gluten-free Asian ginger Meatballs with Massel gluten-free bouillon and seasoning.

Anne Marie writes: “If you’re gluten free or have food sensitivities, you know how impossible it is to find bouillon and stock making ingredients that don’t have flour, MSG, or lactose in them. In fact, their factory is entirely gluten free to prevent cross contamination. Their factory is animal product free and kosher certified, as well.”

I’m a Celiac

Pam Jordan writes about living gluten-free with Celiac Disease on her blog I’m a Celiac.

Pam Jordan writes “I have Celiac disease. However, it took 15 years of “tummy problems” to get that diagnosis. In 2010 after many years of pain, and inconclusive diagnoses she told her Gastroenterologist to test her for everything he could think of.   A blood test for Celiac Disease came back with a rating of “moderate to strong”.  In January 2011 she was confirmed to have Celiac Disease.

Pam now writes about living gluten-free with Celiac Disease on her blog I’m a Celiac. Pam cooks Massel Pork Loin and Spinach Dip. Poor Pam went down with nasty cold recently and wrote: “Massel bouillon cubes to the rescue! I ate 3 bowls of their delicious chicken style broth in one afternoon.  It was just what I needed to feel better.” We’re glad that Massel broth helped!

The Family Chef

Chef Amy Fothergill writes about cooking on her blog The Family Chef

Gluten-free chef Amy Fothergill finds out that Vegan Polenta tastes great with Massel and that Massel chicken style bouillon really does make chicken free stew taste like chicken!

Amy says: “If you’ve been reading my blog recently you’ve already heard me rave about Massel’s bouillon and stock products. Over the last few weeks, I’ve experimented with some of the different flavors…and have been very pleased with the results.”

Massel Cook, Elizabeth Schuler

No list of people cooking with Massel would be complete without our very own Elizabeth, who creates delicious new recipes using Massel bouillon and seasoning for our website and Facebook page every week.

Elizabeth’s son suffers from severe food allergies. This motivated her to clean up the food at her family table and gave her a huge enthusiasm for developing healthy recipes. You can find more of Elizabeth’s great recipes at her own blog My Communal Table.

Follow our Pinterest Board People cooking with Massel for more tasty ideas from people out there loving Massel.
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