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Waking Up Tired Lunches

We all know the stats detailing how people that bring their lunch to work usually eat healthier, save money and are helping out the environment in the long run. What makes you not bring your lunch? Do you bring your lunch and then push it to the back of the fridge, ordering pizza with your co-workers... MORE

The joy of chilled soup! Cold soup recipes with Massel

A blog post by Massel chef Elizabeth Schuler When I was younger, the idea of cold soup seemed weird. Soup, in my mind, was supposed to be warm and comforting. As I watched my mother eating gazpacho, I would think, “Why is she eating salsa with a spoon?” However, my opinion has since changed, and... MORE
Spicy corn soup recipe using Massel Bouillon.

Fresh Off the Cob

Some of the best soups we’ve sampled have a Hispanic influence, taking advantage of warm-climate crops and the heat of the foods that come with them. Full-bodied flavor is always something that Massel delivers! The Spicy Corn Soup fits the bill in this regard, taking basic sweet corn to a wonderful place with the assistance... MORE

Fast Food Made Healthy

Looking for a quick fix to your fast food cravings? Look no further! We’ve put together a collection of fast foods to get your taste buds hopping. The difference between our snacks and the typical drive-thru fast food menus? No grease, no gain, no guilt. Each meal takes less than 35 minutes to make and... MORE
Little girl and easter egg basket

Easter Treats & What to Eat

Easter is that time of year where everywhere you look, there seems to be something related to chocolate staring back at you. And while we can’t deny it tastes great, eating too much of the sweet stuff can make you fill pretty sick after a while! We wanted to have a look at how we... MORE

Quick gluten-free Potluck Recipes

A blog post by Massel Chef Elizabeth Schuler It is amazing how a day can take a direction that you do not expect. After I heard a big snap, I ran outside to see the excitement. One neighbor’s cable got cut by another neighbor’s chain saw during an enthusiastic back yard tree removal. Oops! Much... MORE

The Gang’s All Here

Layers upon layers of flavor fill your bowl to the rim with our Sausage, Potato and Greens Soup, made with Massel beef style stock. A take on a classic family recipe, this soup feeds a crowd of different taste palettes. Even better, it can be served year-round for its use of diverse additives and seasonings.... MORE
Kids eating watermelon

Healthy Meals for Kids

Most parents understand the struggle to convince their kids to eat healthy. With fast food and sugary treats around, it’s a tall order to make broccoli more enticing. According to, “most parents understand that they should provide healthy food for their children, but the reality of work schedules, children’s activities and different food preferences can make meal preparation... MORE

Ward Off the Winter Chill

While any of our favorite soups here at Massel are ideal to get some of that much-needed warmth, sometimes a little extra kick is needed. Enter the Gluten-Free Lamb Curry Soup, an excellent take on a classic Indian dish that brings the heat in more ways than one. And, with the dish being both gluten-free... MORE

Unwinding with Easy Polenta

A blog post by Massel chef Elizabeth Schuler Three different activities at my son’s school, a committee meeting that I was roped into by a friend, and my car needed an emergency tire repair. These kind of hectic weeks seem to happen way too often these days. It was time to put on the brakes,... MORE

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