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Steak Your Claim: Our Beef Preparation Cheatsheet

If you’re like some of us here at Massel, there’s nothing more satisfying than cutting into a perfectly prepared filet at your favorite steakhouse. As delicious as this is, it’s expensive and, often times, not the healthiest option. To make up for this, we’ve rounded up all of our favorite tips and tricks in order to... MORE

30 Second Salad! Gluten-free snack ideas from Massel

A blog post by Massel chef Elizabeth Schuler I have had many moments where I felt I might fall off track with my healthy eating habits. I call these moments my ‘danger times’. I’m sure almost anyone can relate to this feeling. For me this happens when I need food, and the urge for quick,... MORE
Creamy Sweet Potato soup recipe using Massel Bouillon.

#31MasselSoups: The Finale

We have sincerely enjoyed warming up winter with a wide array of healthy and hearty gluten-free soups using Massel bouillon and seasoning. The #31MasselSoups have inspired even more appetizing inventions that you can whip up in your kitchen any time of year. Whether it’s for a full homecooked meal or a creamy snack as you... MORE

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

For professional and amateur chefs alike, soups are an excellent avenue for experimentation, combining our favorite delectable foods for new, brilliant results. Such is what happened when long-time Massel customer Susan Righton put together her Sweet Potato and Apple Soup, a favorite of her grandchildren. Their family always selects Pink Lady apples to champion the... MORE

The Risotto Roundup

Risotto is one of our all-time favorite dishes to whip up. Not only is it easy to make, but it’s also a hearty way to get all the flavors out of our first-of-its-kind Concentrated Liquid Stock. There are few dishes that are as popular or versatile as risotto, served both in home kitchens and restaurants. Rice... MORE

The Best Recipes to Warm You from Head to Toe

Warm up this fall with some of our favorite autumnal recipes! These delicious dishes will keep you toasty no matter how chilly the weather might be. From savory pasta sauces and marinades to satisfying soups and veggies, your tastebuds will be thanking you this season. Pinto Bean & Pepper Jack Stuffed Poblano Peppers: If you’re looking for... MORE

New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

The only New Years tradition more iconic than making a resolution … is breaking it.  Loss of motivation. Lack of attainable goals. People have all sorts of reasons for abandoning their personal proclamations. Thanks to this inspo from Delish, we decided to set some (hopefully) more obtainable goals for our 2018. Try one new recipe... MORE

Summer Entertaining

Summer’s here, and you know what that means: party after party after party. It’s time to entertain your friends and family with delicious summer treats. But how many times can you serve the usual burger or hot dog before everyone’s had enough? Ditch the usual summer snacks and start serving up something your guests will be... MORE

Spring Clean Your Diet

It’s time to store away our heavy down coats and throw on our light rain jackets. Spring is finally here! Is it just us or is everything better in the spring? The sun is out longer, pastel colors are aplenty, and birds are our early-morning alarm clocks. With spring comes new fresh produce and light recipes. If... MORE

Simple Soup for the On-the-Move Adventure Seeker

This article was adapted from a blog post by a Massel team member in Australia. Thanks for sharing your ideas and process with us. This recipe is perfect for hikes, ski trips, and other wintertime jaunts. Happy National Soup Month! I do a lot of multi-day bushwalks (i.e., outdoor hikes). I have done numerous bushwalking trips around... MORE

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