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The Best Bites from the Winter Kitchen

Winter is quickly coming to an end, which means we have limited time to finish making our favorite cold-weather dishes. Before the season comes to a close, we wanted to share our most popular winter recipes with you. Fortunately, February is a great month to stock up on hearty produce that you can swap or... MORE

The Best Veggies to Eat This Fall

‘Tis the season of pumpkin everything! We’re not complaining about the abundance of orange goodness, but here at Massel we feel that there are some fall veggies that just aren’t getting the attention they deserve. We’ve picked a few of our favorite under-recognized vegetables and paired them with an easy gluten-free and vegan Massel recipe,... MORE
Halloween recipes you are going to want to try.

Treats With Some Tricks

Nothing is more fun than playing with your food and Halloween is the best excuse to make fun shapes, creative recipes and m(y)ummy dishes out of seemingly ordinary ingredients. We’re giving these Halloween treats some tricks you can play on unsuspecting hungry mouths. You never knew food could be so spooky! Savory Chickpea Pancake For... MORE
Black Bean Soup Recipe using Massel Bouillon

Bean Me Up, Scotty

Black beans are an important element in Latin American cuisine, used as a side, in burritos, tacos and everything under the sun. Because of its dense and meaty composition, it serves as an excellent base for vegan and vegetarian dishes. It’s no less delicious in soup form, as our gluten-free Black Bean Soup proves! From... MORE

4 Tricks to Keep Healthy Before the Treats

Halloween is quickly approaching. That means its time to pick out a costume, get your bowl of candy ready, and put the finishing touches on your Halloween decorations. With all this time spent focusing on sweets and late nights, it’s easy to forget about our wellness. In order to feel your best throughout Halloween weekend,... MORE

How to Survive a BBQ: Vegan Style

Living a vegan lifestyle can be extremely challenging, especially as barbecue season is right around the corner. While others enjoy their favorite summer eats, vegans are tasked with the difficult mission of finding something to meet their dietary needs. Healthful, fulfilling, and most importantly, delicious meal substitutions for vegans and their families are can seem... MORE

Avoid the Traps: Tricky Foods That Could Contain Gluten

Living with a gluten-free diet can be challenging at times, whether you have celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder, or even by personal choice. But, as the months and years pass, one thing that does become effortless is avoiding the well-known foods that could upset your diet. Wheat-based cereals (we’re looking at you, Wheaties and Frosted... MORE

Back to School ‘Cool’ Lunches

  Peanut butter and Jelly. Carrots and dip. Crackers. Juice box. Lunch boxes don’t have to be this boring! But they also don’t need to be unhealthy to taste good and satisfy the kids. We’ve created a list full of healthy tips and fun recipes that will help you reinvent and revitalize that age-old lunch... MORE
Easy to make soups for stress free home-cooked meals.

Stress-Free Cooking

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to relax and de-stress can feel near impossible. But too much stress can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Sometimes sitting down for a good home-cooked meal—even amidst the chaos—is all you need to unwind after a long day. That’s why we’ve taken comfort food to... MORE

All Aboard the Gravy Train

The use of gravy rose out of tradition-based meals where a certain meat takes center stage (or, rather, center table). Whatever runnings that came off the “bird” was thickened with water and starch, adding a savory tang to whatever dish it touched. In the United Kingdom, gravy became the essential sauce to any Sunday roast,... MORE

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