Gluten-free Bouillon & Seasoning

Advantage Premium soup bases & gravies for food service

Premium quality soup bases and gravies free of the Big 8 food allergens

Massel Advantage Premium soup bases and gravies tick all the boxes for people with dietary restrictions, and those with lifestyles or religious beliefs that impact on their food choices. All Massel Advantage products are:
Big eight Allergen-Free

Gluten-free 99% fat free
Lactose free Vegan & vegetarian
Suitable for people with Celiac Disease Big 8 allergen free
Cholesterol free Less salt, more flavor!
Kosher All natural ingredients
No added MSG No artificial additives or preservatives

Delicious flavors make your dishes sing

Massel bouillons are made in the same way a chef would make homemade stock. We use only premium ingredients, and special blending techniques to create delicious, fresh flavors which are as subtle and harmonious as a fresh stock. Unlike other soup bases and gravies Massel Advantage Premium products will not overwhelm your dishes with over salted, artificially enhanced flavors. Massel Advantage Premium enhances the taste of a dish, rather than overpowering it, which makes Massel the perfect base for all savory dishes.

Available in chicken style, beef style and vegetable flavors, Massel makes its products with top quality vegetable ingredients.

We spent years perfecting our vegan meat style soup bases and gravies. Special blending and the right balance of seasoning allow the chicken and beef flavor to be produced without needing to use animal products. Tasting them, you would never believe they are not chicken or beef! They provide a delicious alternative to meat stocks and broths for all people including vegans, vegetarians and the growing numbers of people wishing to eat less meat.

Affordable vegetable based products are the way of the future – they make sense for us all-For our health, for our planet and for our pockets!

Super economical and double the yield!

Massel’s concentrated formula makes Advantage Premium products high yield, which means your kitchen saves money. You only need 0.4 oz of Advantage Premium bouillon granules to make 1 quart of stock, over double the yield of most other instant bouillons. Give your menu the Massel Advantage!

Simplify menu planning and inventory

The Massel Advantage Premium range makes menu planning so much easier. No more juggling diners’ dietary restrictions, lifestyle choices and religious beliefs and no more expensive special inventory! Massel’s all-vegetable bases are a great alternative to meat-first and salt-first bases. They offer cleaner ingredients and a greater flexibility of use because of their all vegetable nature. They also help to address the demands of today’s more discerning consumer.

Top quality ingredients for tastier stocks, soups, sauces and gravies

Great tasting food keeps your customers coming back. With premium quality ingredients like vegetables, herbs, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt from the great Southern Ocean , you can rely on Massel Advantage bouillons and gravies to give your dishes a foundation of fantastic flavor.


Advantage products

Advantage Premium Bouillon Granules

Advantage Premium bouillon granules make fresh bouillon, a flavorsome soup base, or can be sprinkled as seasoning onto casseroles, stir fries, salads or side dishes for a natural flavor boost. Advantage bouillon granules come in three all vegetable flavors:

Advantage Premium Gravy Mix

Advantage Premium gravy mix is instant, lump free, freeze thaw stable and comes in three flavors:

Advantage Premium Sauce Mix

Advantage Premium demi-glace sauce mix is instant, lump free and freeze thaw stable.

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