Gluten-free Bouillon & Seasoning

Flavor Center for Commercial Kitchens

Massel Flavor Center is a revolutionary 1Qt plant-based fresh stock reduction designed specifically for chefs and restauranteurs. With easy dispensing, precise portion control and the ability to be positioned anywhere in the kitchen (no refrigeration required!), it offers outstanding flavor and unrivaled savings. No more need for powders and pastes—this replaces them all!

Plant-based All-natural
Allergen-free Fat-free
No added MSG Onion & Garlic-free
Gluten-free GM-free
Alcohol-free No animal content


Flavor Center adds versatility with portion control efficiency

Available in Beef, Chicken and Vegetable flavors.
Flavor Center is 100% plant-based, and is manufactured in accordance with the latest and healthiest food trends.
Flavor Center is free of fat, free of common allergens, is animal content and alcohol free and does not contain onion or garlic – making it suitable for people suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).
Flavor Center is designed to be acceptable to all people, irrespective of religious belief, lifestyle choice or dietary requirement. This opens your restaurant’s doors to a broader cross-section of the community, including the increasingly demanding clientele of today.
Extremely versatile, Flavor Center is very easy to use allowing precise portion control via the measuring cup included, guaranteeing reliable results every time.
Easy to follow instructions to create instant fresh stock OR add water to taste to create an instant soup base with a rich home-style flavor.
For the grill, use Flavor Center as a 30-second marinade or use directly on meat, fish or vegetables to add “vibrancy.”
The free-standing (or easy-to-hang) non-refrigerated packaging allows Flavor Center to be positioned anywhere in the kitchen. Flavor Center has a long shelf life and does not require refrigeration – saving energy.
Our factory is accredited to the most stringent world food standard; FSSC 22000.
Flavor Center, the brand new plant-based fresh stock reduction, offers outstanding flavor and unrivaled savings, both in speed and convenience of use.

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