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“Good for Everyone” – why you should choose Massel

Massel’s all-natural stocks and bouillon are proven winners in both home kitchens and professional kitchens. In fact, we reckon they’re the best stocks and bouillon in the world. Chefs tell us the same thing.

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Delicious and easy-to-use

Our premium, all-natural ingredients provide a fantastic hit of flavor you just won’t find in any other food service stock. Our products are easy to use, saving you time, money and effort. And they’re truly delicious—the perfect complement to what you create.

Good for everyone

Unlike many other products, you can be confident our products will suit almost any dietary requirement your customers might have. You won’t need to use separate products or create special dishes. Our entire range is:

Gluten-free Wheat-free
Suitable for vegans – no animal content Lactose-free
Cholesterol-free Trans Fat-free
MSG-free Alcohol content-free

Plus, selected products have:

No onion or garlic content
No added sodium

All-natural, all-good

Customers care about what’s in their food, and how it’s made. So they’ll love Massel—it’s 100% natural! All you’ll find in there is our tried-and-trusted mix of premium vegetables and herbs, extra virgin olive oil and pure sea salt from the Great Southern Ocean. No MSG. No artificial flavors or preservatives. No GMO. Only the good stuff.


Environmentally-friendly and ethical

Are your customers mindful of environmental impact? Our products give you what you need.

We’re a founding signatory to the National Packaging Covenant and a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. We also donate to charities that feed underprivileged and homeless people in some of the United States’ largest cities, and donates food products in times of disaster, such as Hurricane Sandy.

Chefs love Massel Bouillon

Alive and Cooking Chef James Reeson uses Massel to add rich flavor to his signature dishes
Blender Girl Tess Masters says, “Massel is a name I trust to use in the recipes I introduce.”

Massel Food Service Range

Massel Flavor Center for Commercial Kitchens

Massel Flavor Center is a revolutionary 1Qt plant-based fresh stock reduction designed specifically for chefs and restauranteurs. With easy dispensing, precise portion control and the ability to be positioned anywhere in the kitchen (no refrigeration required!), it offers outstanding flavor and unrivaled savings. No more need for powders and pastes—this replaces them all!

Plant-based All-natural
Allergen-free Fat-free
No added MSG Onion & Garlic-free
Gluten-free GM-free
Alcohol-free No animal content

Dietitian’s Stock

Vegetable, Beef-Style and Chicken-Style

Massel Dietitian’s Stock is specially manufactured for dietitians and healthcare professionals, allowing precise calibration of sodium and/or potassium intake by patients without compromising on flavor.

Massel’s dietitian’s range combines an excellent flavor profile with those characteristics required by hospitals, nursing homes and the healthcare community.

No added Sodium No added Potassium
Gluten-free Wheat-free
Lactose-free Cholesterol-free
Trans Fat-free No animal content
Onion and Garlic free No added MSG
Suitable for vegans

No Onion No Garlic Stock Granules (N.O.N.G)

Vegetable, Beef Style and Chicken Style

Developed especially for those who want great flavor but who don’t want onion, garlic or chili.

Massel N.O.N.G Bouillon makes a full bodied stock ideal for people suffering with I.B.S, fructose mal-absorption or those excluding onion, garlic and chili from their diet.

Onion and Garlic free Gluten-free
Wheat-free Lactose-free
Cholesterol-free Trans Fat-free
No animal content No added MSG
Suitable for vegans No alcohol content

Food Service Stock Product Range

Size Foodservice 4.4 lbs Canister Industrial 33 lbs Sack
Yield 44 gallons of stock 330 gallons of stock
Flavors Vegetable, Beef Style, Chicken Style Vegetable, Beef Style, Chicken Style
Product Premium Stock Granules Premium Stock Granules
Dietitian’s Stock Dietitian’s Stock
No Onion No Garlic Stock Granules No Onion No Garlic Stock Granules
Very Low Salt Stock Granules

Advantage Premium soup bases & gravies for food service

From our kitchen to yours…

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