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About Massel Dietary Stock

Vegetable, Beef-Style and Chicken-Style

At Massel, we design our products with dietary restrictions in mind. Massel Dietitian’s Stock is specially manufactured for dietitians and healthcare professionals, allowing precise calibration of sodium and/or potassium intake by patients without compromising on flavor.

Massel’s dietitian’s range combines an excellent flavor profile with those characteristics required by hospitals, nursing homes and the healthcare community.

No added Sodium No added Potassium
Gluten-free Wheat-Free
Lactose-free Cholesterol-free
Trans fat-free No animal content
Onion and Garlic free No added MSG
Suitable for vegans
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What dietitians are saying

“Our clinical nutrition team recently featured Massel products during our National Nutrition Month as a delicious low-sodium healthy option for our patients. We love to promote Massel products because, unlike many low-sodium options, Massel seasonings and stocks taste great! Taste tests with not only our patients, but even our family members and colleagues were all met with extremely positive reviews. Massel stocks and seasonings offer our patients the opportunity to enjoy reduced sodium without sacrificing great flavor, and that’s a big deal. We’ve been so delighted by Massel, and will continue to promote these wonderful products through our Health Fairs and nutrition education, to patients, families, and our fellow dietitians!”

Arlene A. White-Tucker MS, RD, CDN, MA
Clinical Nutrition Manager
Coler Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center

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Amazing ways to use Massel

The dietitians we work with find that Massel can be used in so many different ways, it’s a joy to share the goodness with their clients! Now, it’s even easier to experiment with the gluten-free Massel Cookbook series. It’s free to use, and can be downloaded to your computer, tablet and phone.

Check out our Quick Dinners chapter below, and get your hands on more recipes on our Cookbook page.

At Massel we are...