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New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

The only New Years tradition more iconic than making a resolution … is breaking it.  Loss of motivation. Lack of attainable goals. People have all sorts of reasons for abandoning their personal proclamations.

Thanks to this inspo from Delish, we decided to set some (hopefully) more obtainable goals for our 2018.

Learn how to make risotto in 2018

Try one new recipe every month

You won’t just broaden your culinary horizons – you’ll level-up your powers in the kitchen too! Don’t be afraid to experiment. Find new favorites. If you like stir fry, give this recipe for Singapore Noodles a try.

Make your New Year's resolution trying new dishes with vegetables as the main dish.

Make veggies the main-course

You don’t need to be a vegetarian to give veggies a seat at the entrée-table. Vegetarian meals a few nights a week offer a break from tough-to-digest meats, and provide much-needed vitamins and minerals that may be missing from your diet.

Bring these nutrient-rich alternatives center-stage in 2018 with some tried and true recipes, like spaghetti squash or stuffed tomatoes with spinach and rice.

Give your immunity system a boost

Give your immune system a boost

Don’t just eat healthier – give your body a power-up with foods that improve your immune system. Citrus, peppers, and greens like spinach all offer an immune system pick-me-up.

Green Smoothie

Embrace the morning smoothie

Give your mornings the jump-start they need with a nutrient-rich green smoothie. A morning-routine packed with good vitamins and minerals will set your energy-reserves up for success. Switching up your breakfast is also a great way to position your mind for other healthy choices throughout the day.

Check out our full stack of recipes, make sure to save your favorites, and share your own show-stopping Massel creations!





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