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Massel Savory spinach smoothie

What’s In Store For Springtime: Appetizers, Sides and Dips

: The winter chills (and the snow) are still hanging around but with daylight saving now in action, we can just taste that spring is in the air! With a warmer season means new flavors and new foods. If you’re wondering what kind of veggies to hunt for, this time of year is especially good for artichokes,... MORE
Healthy gluten-free soup recipe from Beard + Bonnet

Souped Up Meals and Starters

: While we’re sad to see National Soup Month winding on down, it’s provided some audacious ideas to use all year round. It’ll be a few more months before we can maximize our enjoyment with colder soup varieties, but in the meantime, let’s take a look at some awesome ways to introduce all these new recipes to... MORE

A Mom’s Guide to Healthy Snacking

: It’s always the perfect time to snack! Whether if you’re a parent packing for a loved one, or getting ready for a tailgate party, there’s a surprising amount of thought that goes into snack packing – and there should be! Healthy bites throughout the day can help promote wakefulness, weight loss, memory, energy levels, and... MORE
holiday food serving

Top Trends in Entertaining this Holiday Season

: Sometimes when we prepare holiday meals, the amount of time spent making it taste good eats into any time we have available for making it look good. This doesn’t mean that you need to create glazed, edible flowers and hardened parmesan cheese bowls for your Thanksgiving dinner, but presentation can make dishes appear more appetizing... MORE

Key Pantry Staples for the Holiday Season

: Ever had that moment of panic when guests show up unexpected and you don’t have anything prepared to feed them? Whether its the in-laws or a surprise from an out-of-town friend, not having something tasty to feed your guests is a downer. One way to prevent this is by having a kitchen pantry stocked full of versatile ingredients... MORE

Fall Comfort Food

: As the weather turns chilly there is no greater source of warmth and comfort than a good meal. However our choice comfort foods are often cheesy, hearty and rich—not to mention lacking in nutrition and high in calories. Here at Massel we’ve thought up a list of delicious and hearty comfort foods to add some warmth to... MORE

5 Techniques for the Most Flavorsome Thanksgiving Turkey

: Turkey day is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about how to fix your favorite festive bird. Approximately 46 million turkeys are eaten every year on Thanksgiving and with everyone preparing them according to their own tastes and traditions, there are plenty of unique ways to enjoy Turkey Tom! Here are our 5 favorite... MORE
thanksgiving tips and preparation

How to Get a Head Start on your Thanksgiving Preparations

: The holiday season is undeniably one of the busiest times of year. For those of us in the kitchen, new recipes, dietary restrictions, and planning can sometimes get the best of us, leaving you feeling burnt out and unable to enjoy the gorgeous spread you have created. Thanksgiving is still about a month away, but that... MORE

Back to School ‘Cool’ Lunches

:   Peanut butter and Jelly. Carrots and dip. Crackers. Juice box. Lunch boxes don’t have to be this boring! But they also don’t need to be unhealthy to taste good and satisfy the kids. We’ve created a list full of healthy tips and fun recipes that will help you reinvent and revitalize that age-old lunch... MORE

Celiac Awareness Month 2016

: Despite having two months (October and May) designated as Celiac Awareness Month, there is still a lot to learn about this serious genetic autoimmune disease, including how to make gluten-free life livable— and tasty too! Celiac is an invisible, but very real disease that affects 1 in 100 people around the world (that’s 3 million... MORE

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