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The Blender Girl Tess Masters

Tess Masters is an Australian born actor, presenter, cook, and author living in LA. Tess has a hugely popular website, The Blender Girl, where she shares easy, healthy, blender inspired recipes for busy people who still want to eat tasty nutritious food.

Tess is a long-time fan of Massel’s bouillons and seasonings. She grew up using Massel, and she recommends Massel gluten-free bouillon in all of her delicious soup recipes. She also uses Massel to boost the flavor of savory dishes and sauces.

Her enthusiasm for Massel gluten-free bouillon is based on health as well as flavor. Tess was in her teens when a naturopath recommended that she remove gluten, dairy and meat from her diet. Tess committed to the change, and noticed a difference in how she felt almost overnight. She loves that Massel bouillons and seasonings are gluten-free as well as vegan and all natural.

Massel is proud to announce that we are supporting Tess on her national book tour for The Blender Girl Cookbook.

James Reeson

James started his cooking career as an apprentice at the ripe old age of 15 in his hometown of Bristol in the UK.

For the first six months, he did nothing but the menial tasks of peeling and scrubbing, while revelling in provincial French cooking at its finest.

He quickly discovered travel and cooking were beautifully paired, so he packed his bags and headed for the south coast of England. James started work in the best hotel in Plymouth but quickly found the rigidity of an establishment style kitchen was not his style.

Then James discovered the wonders of Paris and spent five years working in an intimate bistro just off the Avenue des Champs Élysées, reinforcing his love of French food. He also worked in the Antibes, cooking on a 60 foot ketch in the Mediterranean and then on a 50 metre cruiser, cooking for a Saudi Prince.

With his feet back on dry land, his next appointment was head chef in a 200 seat restaurant in Guernsey on the Channel Islands. The restaurant was situated right on the beach, which allowed James to indulge his second love, surfing. The produce available to James on Guernsey was fantastic with fabulous fresh seafood served the same day it was caught.

James temporarily left the cooking profession and tried his hand at modelling. He even trained to be a movie stunt man but he found he missed cooking too much.

James then built and ran his own café bistro and catering company. This is where he was discovered by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and given his first series, ‘The Occasional Cook’.

James finally found his nirvana in Australia, which has become his permanent home with wife Josie and young son Dylan.

Having cooked around the world, he rates Australia without peer for diversity of produce, innovative cuisine and style.

Meg van der Kruik

Meg van der Kruik of Beard + Bonnet

Set sail on an epic gluten free journey with Beard + Bonnet!

Meg van der Kruik has been cooking and eating vegetarian dishes for almost 8 years now, but it wasn’t until her son was born with a severe gluten intolerance that attacked his immune system that she delved into the world of gluten free cooking. During the first 16 months of her son’s life, Meg and her husband Todd struggled to find a cause and a cure for his health problems. Through a gluten-free diet, their son has made a full-recovery. Meg and her husband Todd are both artists and designers by trade and share design ideas and creations every day in their business with clients. So, it was a natural transition to share the food that helped to heal her family on her popular food blog Beard + Bonnet, in hopes that she could help others along the way.

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