Gluten-free Bouillon & Seasoning

By Massel...

vegan Carrot dip

Moroccan Carrot Dip by Tess Masters

“This quick easy carrot dip is infused with a delicious blend of Moroccan-...

Massel Happy Hydrator Salad with Oil-Free Lemon Mustard Tarragon Dressing Recipe

Happy Hydrator Salad with Oil-Free Lemon Mustard Tarragon Dressing by Tess Masters

“The best way to get an incredible decadent flavor and texture with an oil...

Blender Girl Tess Masters on cooking with Massel

The Blender Girl Tess Masters on cooking with Massel

The Blender Girl, Tess Masters, uses Massel Bouillon & Seasoning. Tess has a hugely popular website, The Blender Girl, where she shares easy, healthy, blender inspired recipes for busy people who still want to eat tasty nutritious food. Tess is a long-time fan of Massel’s bouillons and seasonings. She grew up using Massel, and recommends... MORE
Eating Healthy during the holidays

Holiday Healthy Eating Plan

The survey says the average American gains 3-10 lbs every holiday season. Oh, like we needed a survey to tell us that? I still carry a few Christmas splurges around with me from years past. So, how is this year going to be different, right? January usually comes around and I am humbled yet again.... MORE

Have you tried our new Concentrated Liquid Stock?

Massel is pleased to introduce something completely new to revolutionize your cooking experience and make it easier to prepare tastier, healthier meals. Meet our new Concentrated Liquid Stock.  Already the best-selling concentrated liquid in Australia, you can now buy this great new product in the US. Liquid broths and stocks have taken over the bouillon... MORE
Massel Recipe of the Day Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving recipe of the day: Cranberry & macadamia nut stuffing

It’s nearly Thanksgiving, and after that comes the holidays. We love the festive season, but all that feasting and cooking can be a drag if, like me, you have a family with different dietary requirements. I’m a vegetarian, my partner is gluten-free and a dear friend, who comes over often to eat, is vegan. Cooking... MORE

Massel bouillon & seasoning now stocked in The Gluten-Free Mall

We’re delighted to be stocked online at the Gluten-Free Mall. Click on over to buy Massel’s delicious gluten-free bouillon and seasoning: Massel Salt Reduced Beef Style Gluten-Free Bouillon Ultracubes Massel 7’s Chicken Style Gluten-Free Bouillon Cubes Massel Salt Reduced Chicken Style Gluten-Free Bouillon Ultracubes Massel 7’s Vegetable Gluten-Free Bouillon Cubes Massel Salt Reduced Vegetable Gluten-Free... MORE

New Massel Concentrated Liquid Stock now available at Vegan Essentials

Massel’s innovative new concentrated liquid stock is now available to buy online from Vegan Essentials. Massel Concentrated Liquid Stock comes in three delicious flavors, a vegetable blend, and our famous vegan chicken and beef style bouillons, with all the savory richness of meat, but made using all vegetable ingredients! Concentrated Liquid Stock is perfect for... MORE
Gluten-Free Awareness Tour

Massel Bouillon & Seasoning part of Gluten-Free Awareness Tour

The Gluten-Free Awareness Tour promotes celiac disease awareness and gluten-free food and beverage products. Each stop on the Gluten-Free Awareness Tour features presentations by celiac disease experts, chef demonstrations and gluten-free food and beverage exhibits from gluten-free food and beverage manufacturers. This year Massel gluten-free bouillon & seasoning will be part of the Gluten-Free Awareness... MORE

At Massel we are...

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