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Gluten-Free with a Twist

Gluten-free is a rather misunderstood term that has been overused and abused, particularly in the areas of healthy eating and dieting. But what exactly is gluten, and why does it seem to be public enemy number one? We wanted to explore what gluten really is, why it has become so popular, and a couple of our favorite recipes... MORE
sustenance stew

Sustenance Stew

Powerhouse blogger and online phenomenon Tess Masters, AKA The Blender Girl, of...

Nosh On 'Em Nachos


Powerhouse blogger and online phenomenon Tess Masters, AKA The Blender Girl, of...

Gentle Lentils with Basil is the Bomb Sauce

Gentle Lentils

Powerhouse blogger and online phenomenon Tess Masters, AKA The Blender Girl, of...

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Easter Treats & What to Eat

Easter is that time of year where everywhere you look, there seems to be something related to chocolate staring back at you. And while we can’t deny it tastes great, eating too much of the sweet stuff can make you fill pretty sick after a while! We wanted to have a look at how we... MORE
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The Rise of Veganism & Going Back to Whole Foods

We’ve all heard the words ‘vegan,’ ‘whole foods,’ ‘organic’ and ‘locally/naturally grown’  thrown around a lot lately. Not only that, but we have also seen a significant shift in the grocery landscape of many people preferring to buy foods that are naturally or organically grown more so over processed foods. But why exactly is this so poignant... MORE
Herb growing

The Springtime Guide to Herbs

It’s nearly the end of March! The days are becoming longer and (slowly!) warmer as well. And that means it’s time to get out and stuck into the garden by growing some must-have herbs. Ideal for adding that extra essence of flavor, we have compiled a list here of what we think are the essential... MORE
Spring veggies harvesting

Growing And Harvesting Your Spring Veggies

Even though a lot of vegetables cannot be planted outside until the soil has properly heated up, there are still a variety that you can plant right now, and which can be harvested long before the summer vegetables come in. Depending on your local weather patterns and climate, cool season vegetables can be planted either directly in... MORE
Savory snacking

Succulently Savory: A Snacking List

Ah snacking- the word itself conjures up images of grabbing at bowls of chips, chocolate, and generally anything that is on hand that can be consumed quickly. The problem is that it is usually unhealthy foods that we tend to reach for when our appetite is ravenous and we cannot afford to wait an hour while a... MORE

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